What is broadband?

Ans - "Broadband is an always-on gateway to a New World of Internet based services delivered at relatively faster speed to households & businesses. Broadband is a huge digital pipeline that links consumer to the Internet's deepening pool of news, information, entertainment and data. TRAI has defined Broadband as "an always-on data connection with minimum speeds of 256Kbps".


What is the Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

Ans - It is a type of a policy where customers gets high internet speed for a limited amount of usage but when the usage exceeds the certain limit the speed decreases.


What happens in Fair Usage Policy ?

Ans - FUP plans even though they are unlimited, the speed differs as per the usage. It basically means that on a plan you will get a particular usage on which you will get high speed internet and once the usage is exceeded the speed then gets converted. For eg i have a speed of 5 Mbps on the data limit of 15GB, as my usage exceeds 15Gb the speed is converted to 512kbps .


What would happen with the speed of service after I reach the FUP?

Ans - After the usage exceeds a particular limit, the internet speed is converted as per the fup plan for the rest of the days. The customer can use the plan the following month if he is happy with it or else if he exceeds the usage in the mid of the month he can once again pay for it and subscribe to the same plan or another plan, but he will lose the remaining days of his current plan.


How can I check the speed I am getting at this moment?

Ans - To check the speed you just need to login on the i-on website with the your user id and password and then click on the speed test. Under speed test click on begin test and it will then calculate the download and upload speed your are getting at the moment.


How can I make a payment ?

Ans - You can make a payment by login in to the website and then you can proceed to make payment or else you can download the ion application from the playstore and make a payment through the application or else you can visit the local office and make a payment and the last option will be to contact customer care and they will put in a payment pickup request and a collection person will visit your place.


How can I get a copy of bill ?

Ans - Simply Login with your user ID and password on i-on.in and then select payment history. There you will get the list of monthly payments made by you and you can download it as per your preference.


How do I get to know my usage ?

Ans - Simply Login with your user ID and password on i-on.in there you will get your usage details for the current month or the months before. You can also contact customer care to know about the same .


Can I upgrade my plan ?

Ans - Yes it can be done either through the website through the change package option or else on the application through the upgrade plan option or else contact customer care or the local office.


How can I reach you via mail ?

Ans - You can contact us on customercare@i-on.in


What is dc++ ?

Ans - DC++ is a free and open-source, peer-to-peer file-sharing client which the customers can use to download and upload files as per their preference.


How can I get my connection wireles?

Ans - You just need to purchase a DSL type WIFI Router and then you can configure it by yourself or contact us for support.


Can I shift my connection to a different location ?

Ans - Yes, we can shift the connection of our customers only if they are shifting to the areas where we provide connectivity.


Can I get assistance to configure router or setup dc ?

Ans - Yes, you can just contact customer care and they will arrange a callback from technical support for the same .


How can I change the password of my account ?

Ans - You can change the password by logging in on the website there you will have to select change password option or else you can try the reset option before logging in and you can also contact customer care and they can reset your password and send an SMS.