Our data plans

Our Data Plans

Tariff plan for broadband as per user convenince and usage catered to both home and office segment.

Conditions Apply* Changes as per your area

Plan Upto Days Data Limit /Month Speed Monthly
I-On 100 Mbps3040 GB1 mbps520
I-On 100 Mbps3060 GB1 mbps620
I-On 100 Mbps30100 GB1 mbps720
I-On 100 Mbps90300 GB1 mbps2000
I-On 100 Mbps180420 GB1 mbps3600
I-On 100 Mbps180600 GB1 mbps3900
I-On 100 Mbps3651200 GB1 mbps7200
I-On 100 Mbps5401800 GB2 mbps10800

Truly Unlimited Plans
Plan NameSpeedData Transfer 1 Month Price 3 Month Price 6 Month Price 12 Month Price 18 Month Price
I-On BB 1 Mbps1 mbpsUnlimited420122023704200
I-On BB 2 Mbps4 mbpsUnlimited5001460282050007490
I-On BB 5 Mbps6 mbpsUnlimited5501590310055008100
I-On BB 10 Mbps10 mbpsUnlimited6501900370065009600
I-On BB 15 Mbps16 mbpsUnlimited75022004300750011000
I-On BB 20 Mbps20 mbpsUnlimited85024804780850012800
I-On BB 25 Mbps25 mbpsUnlimited1200350067701200018000
I-On BB 30 Mbps30 mbpsUnlimited1600466091001600023900
I-On BB 35 Mbps35 mbpsUnlimited24006980135002400035000

Router Offers

Triple Antenna Router
Rent Rs. 30/- Per Month

Adjustable Deposit
In Rent : Rs. 1200
(4 years Warranty)

Double Antenna Router
Rent Rs. 20/- Per Month

Adujustable Deposit
In Rent : Rs. 1000
(4 years Warranty)